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The Health Of Our Care – Notes from the Un (Under) Insured

“All hope abandon, ye who enter in!” That famous line from Dante’s Inferno seems terribly apt for many of us when we face a serious illness like cancer. Not only must we face a terrible disease and our own mortality, … Continue reading

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Protect Yourself from Germs? – Get Moving!

Labor Day is over, summer has ended (even if it doesn’t feel like it here in the Northeast). Vacations are done, kids are getting back to school, and now cold and flu season approaches. With kids and adults exposed to … Continue reading

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Exercise & Our Immune System

As I’m still in recovery mode from my 50K run, I think it’s a good time to write about exercise and our immune systems again. I’m thinking about this because marathon runners often develop colds or respiratory infections after a … Continue reading

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Sometimes Pacing Yourself Is A Good Thing

Happy belated July 4th. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves. I’m up in Saratoga, playing the Lake George Opera Festival. For my day off, I went up to Lake George for an excellent hike.  I repeated the hike I did … Continue reading

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What Goes Up Must Come Down (don’t let it be on your foot!)

Now, back to business! Weight-lifting injuries are on the rise. A recent study found that from 1990 to 2007, weight-training injuries resulting in emergency room visits increased over 48%. There was a larger increase among women (63%) compared with men … Continue reading

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HealthCare Blue Book

While Congress continues to debate health care reform, I want to introduce a resource that can be helpful NOW – (A friend of mine who is currently uninsured and going through breast cancer treatment told me about this resource.) … Continue reading

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iPhone Apps for a Healthier 2009!

The folks at, a site that provides a listing of x-ray tech. schools and programs, recently posted an article which I think may be very useful. Now, I will admit that I knew nothing of any of this. I … Continue reading

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Julie on SPAcare

I have donated my services to SPAcare, an organization that I first encountered at the Komen NYC Race for the Cure. SPAcare had organized massage therapists to provide free massages for survivors after the race (greatly, greatly appreciated, I might … Continue reading

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“Access” Means Nothing If It’s Not Affordable

Warning: This post is about healthcare; it is political; it is personal; I am angry; there may be cursing. Once again, I am compelled to write not about fitness, but about healthcare (because, of course, to anyone who has ever … Continue reading

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The End of Ski Season

Ski season is definitely done. This is my view from my computer today. Rain, fog, thunder, no snow left. I know everyone else seems ready for spring, but I could use a few more days of skiing. This was a … Continue reading

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