I am done with an important milestone. I just had my first colonoscopy. And if you are due for one, so should you. Why is it such a dreaded procedure? And why do we avoid it so easily?

Part of my discomfort with the idea of having it – and I SO hate to admit this – is that it’s an age milestone. Turning 50 didn’t bother me at all, so the fact that I’m now having “over 50” screenings shouldn’t either. But it does. Just a little. (In my mind, I think I’m still around 32.)

Part of the discomfort was, well, discomfort. Or the fear of discomfort. And that was the extent of actual discomfort. Well, the clear liquid diet the day before was not so fun, but it really wasn’t so bad – it was just one day. Those of you who know me personally know that coffee is a big part of my life. Coffee, and carbs. I’m a total carb girl. Pasta and bread make me happy. So a day of nothing but tea and juice is certainly not my idea of a good time. But really, it wasn’t so bad.

And some of the discomfort was purely mental. I don’t have such a good track record with cancer screenings. I was a little nervous.

But everything is fine. I’m good for seven years (because of my cancer history, she wants me in a little sooner than some other folks.) I’m done. Now I get to drink coffee:)

Oh, and my doc did tell me not to run today, to wait until tomorrow. After just a brief meeting a month ago, I think she understands me!

This is a screening test that so many look on with such trepidation. And so many just put off. But, the thing is, this is a really important test. There is plenty of debate about the usefulness or frequency of some cancer screenings, but not this test. It’s important for possible early detection. It’s also useful for preventing cancer: if polyps are found, they can often be removed right there during the exam.

So, if you’re due for one – and you are if you have reached or are approaching 50 – put aside any issues you have and get it done!

I did.


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  1. Racn4acure says:

    Good for you Julie. Make sure you go back in 7 years, now! I’ve had two, didn’t enjoy either one, would enjoy colon cancer even less. It is really not a big deal, is it? Stay well, stay strong. Art

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