Some Reasons for Hiring a Personal Trainer In Spite of the Recession

These days it seems like each day brings economic news that’s even worse than yesterdays’. In response I wrote a couple of days ago about some ideas for keeping fit while trimming the budget. Today I’d like to give some reasons why it can still be good to spend the money on a personal trainer.

A good trainer will make sure you’re exercising in a safe and effective way. Exercising with poor form can lead to injury – always good to avoid injury; it will just cost you money. A trainer will educate you in proper form and make sure you’re not moving in a way that could cause injury. And a trainer will help you find a suitable and safe range of intensity and duration. Exercising properly is more effective and therefore more efficient. I see a lot of people doing a whole lot of movements that take a lot of time. But very often, those movements are not actually working the muscles intended, or are not working them very effectively – so a lot of that time is wasted. It’s much better to be specific and effective in your exercising. I’d rather have my clients accomplish more in just 20 minutes of effective exercise than spend an hour and accomplish even less.

A trainer will also keep you accountable. She will keep you focused on your goals and keep you accountable for the steps that lead to that goal. Ultimately it’s up to you to get there, but a good trainer will help keep you moving in the right direction (and expect some explanation when you’re slacking).

And a good trainer will help keep you motivated. We all, even the most hyper-motivated of us, need some help now and then.

There are some options for saving money, too. Many trainers are amenable to small group training. So get some of your friends together for a session – you’ll have fun together and it’s a cheaper option. Or explore online training. We offer online training via email or Skype at It’s not the same as having hands on training, but it’s the next best thing. You still get individualized workouts, accountability, and motivation. I also have personal clients who do a combination: rather than pay for live personal training every week, they do it once a month and check in by email the other weeks. You’ll probably find that many trainers are willing to work out a schedule that will work for you.

Times are tough right now for a lot of us, but if you are serious about your health and your fitness, hiring a personal trainer can be a worthwhile expense.


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