Motivation – Get It Where You Can

Motivation – for anything – comes from all around us, sometimes from very unexpected places. Motivation can be big, important goals; it can be something silly that we’re embarrassed to admit.

A couple of days ago, my motivation for my run was $1. That’s right, one dollar. It was 7 degrees out, but I had a DVD that was due back at the library. I normally like to run to the library – it’s a nice 6.6 mile trip, and I just like the idea of “running” errands. If I didn’t get the movie back, I would owe $1. But it was 7 degrees. I seriously didn’t want to put on clothes and go outside. I know it was just a dollar, but I hated to pay money – any money – because I was lazy. (yes, I know how ridiculous this sounds!) And if I was going to get dressed and go outside, I might as well run.

So, I ran. Of course, once I got started, it was glorious. It was a beautiful, sunny morning – kind of cold, but beautiful. I got to check out the animal prints in the snow: squirrels, coyote, little bird prints – the usual. I got to wave to a couple of my neighbors. And to the drivers yelling out that I was crazy. A good morning.

And yesterday, I kept thinking about my next big race – the North Face 50 Mile race at Bear Mountain in May – while I was out for my long run. Because that race has a ton of hills, I ran a route that included a LONG 3-mile hill. I kept thinking about that hard race all the way up 3 miles of steady, steep hill, and all the way back down. Always keeping the race in my mind, knowing that whatever I do now will help me in May.

Motivation comes in all shapes and sizes (like all of us). It can be great, lofty goals or something so tiny it hardly matters. It doesn’t matter as long as it gets you up and moving.

What gets you moving?


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2 Responses to Motivation – Get It Where You Can

  1. Julie, I loved this post. You always have a way of inspiring and motivating me. Exercise is so crucial to one’s mind, body, and spirit. I’m going swimming tomorrow, and I know I’ll feel good after the swim. Thank you for this….

  2. Racn4acure says:

    I am motivated when I have a race planned, less so when I don’t, such as now. Art

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