Hiking the Tongue & Thinking

As many of you know, I am currently playing the Lake George Opera Festival at Saratoga, NY. Yesterday for the Fourth of July, I went on a lovely hike with my friend Lisa (photos to follow later). We did a nice 5 or so hour hike over Tongue Mountain, down to the shore of Lake George, and back.

It got me thinking about exercise. In my own workouts, I do a lot of strength training. It’s important for my body, and I like being strong enough to do any of the activities I enjoy. I also put a lot of emphasis on strength training with my clients at Life-Cise and Stay Fit Stay Strong. It’s tremendously important for bone health, good posture, maintaining a healthy weight, staying healthy during cancer treatment, and recovering from surgery.

But while hiking yesterday I was thinking about the power of walking. It’s the simplest thing you can do – you don’t need any special equipment; you don’t need instruction; you don’t need me or any other trainer. You just need the motivation to go outside and do it.

Regular walking programs can reduce the risk of developing certain cancers, as well as reducing the risk of recurrence for those of us who have already had cancer. Walking can help keep your heart healthy and help you maintain a healthy weight.

And it’s easy! It’s up to you. If you’re out of shape, start slowly – even walking a few minutes can be an improvement. Just get out there and walk. There’s no excuse not to – there’s no expense, no skill, no reason not to – only benefits!



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