Some Friends in the Social Media Cancer Community

Over the past several months I’ve had the opportunity to meet and, in some cases, make friends with some wonderful people trying to make a difference in the cancer community. OK, I say “meet”, but many of these folks I’ve only met online.

Although I was initially reluctant, I have become a huge fan of social media. Yes, I drank the coolaid. I am now fairly addicted to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. I was afraid it would be a complete waste of my time, filled with the inane minutia of daily life. But I’ve largely found a group of interesting, supportive folks, sharing information and inspiration.
Today I’d like to share a few of these people with you. And I’m doing it here because a lot of these people don’t really fit into the Life-Cise Resources page, but I still want to highlight them.
First, a couple of terrific women with books on cancer:
I met Gail Konop Baker this spring at the Women’s Health & Fitness Expo in Kingston, NY.
I so enjoyed meeting & talking with Gail. Please check out her book, “Cancer is a Bitch (or I’d rathe
r be having a midlife crisis)”, available at
I recently met Cindy Papale online. We connected on LinkedIn and now follow each other on Twitter. On Twitter Cindy often sends out tweets of inspiration (@cindypapale). Her website is (I think she gets the prize for the longest domain name), and her book has the same name & is available on her site.
In past posts I’ve told you about Lynn Lane’s Voices of Survivors, and Jonny Imerman and Imerman Angels, but they both bear repeating. Lynn is a dear, dear man who’s rewriting some of the ideas of survivorship. I am the 52nd video on Voices of Survivors, and am honored to be able to share my voice. Please visit and hear & read the many voices of cancer, Voices is also on Twitter (@survivor). And please see what great work Jonny is doing at (and follow on twitter, @imermanangels).
A few other tweets to follow (and I know this is only a few, I’ll give you more later):
*Bertalan Mesko, from Hungary (@Berci), has a medical site filled with cancer resources,
*YogaBear, providing yoga to cancer patients- @yogabear
*MyHopespace, offer patients, survivors, & caregivers an easy way to communicate-@MyHopeSpace
*Athletes for a Cure, advocate for cancer patients- @athletes4acure
*Team Heather, brother spreading breast cancer info in the name of his sister who lost her battle in 2002- @teamheather
*Army of Women, Susan Love & a new opportunity in breast cancer research- @armyofwomen
*David Pittman – @DP_Turtle, charity runner fighting cancer through running
*FollowHeidi, survivor building awareness for breast cancer research
OK – enough. But this list is nowhere near complete; these are just a few of the people out there doing good work, trying to make a difference in their own way. Give them a follow – they’re worth it. And let me know (@juliegoodale) if you have other favs.
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2 Responses to Some Friends in the Social Media Cancer Community

  1. the3pitts says:


    Thanks for including me in this list. I’m truly humbled to be in the company of so many ‘heavy hitters,’ people I admire in the fight against cancer.

    It’s funny to read you were reluctant to join the social media scene; I was too. In fact, I begrudgingly got on Facebook and Twitter because my ‘day job’ in marketing communications required it. Rather than jump in and make a fool of both me AND my company, I joined FB and Twitter through personal accounts.

    Now, like you, I’m hooked. There are so many fascinating, amazing, wonderful people out there! I look forward to the time I get to spend catching up on what everyone is doing.

    Love your video on Voices of Survivors. Thank you for sharing your story with us. (Side note: did you see my blog about Voices? )

    Take care. Keep fighting!
    -David Pittman

  2. Mel Majoros says:

    glad to see your were able to conquer the writers block!!!

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