More On Getting Started – For Breast Cancer Survivors

To follow along with my recent theme of getting started with an exercise program, I want to give a few extra tips for breast cancer survivors.

The very first thing is to think about your bra. After breast cancer surgery it is so important to have a good, comfortable, and supportive bra for exercising. You’ve got incisions and scar tissue; you need good support. This really makes a difference – if you don’t have one, spend the money and get one!

A lot of women like to wear two sports bras, especially if they’re starting to run. I never did that because I didn’t run back then (I know, how weird is it that with all the sports I do, I only started running a couple of years ago?). But I know several women who swear by it.

Second, take measurements of your arm before you start exercising. That way, you have a record, and can easily see if you’re having any early signs of lymphedema.

And finally, whatever it is you like to do to get moving, do it! Numerous studies have shown a strong association between exercise and a lowered risk of recurrence – as much as 50% in the Nurses’ Study.

So, if you used to exercise but fell away from it after surgery or during treatment, get back to it! If you’ve never been very active, now is a perfect time to start!


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