HealthCare Blue Book

While Congress continues to debate health care reform, I want to introduce a resource that can be helpful NOW – (A friend of mine who is currently uninsured and going through breast cancer treatment told me about this resource.) Health Care Blue Book is a free consumer guide designed to help you find fair health care prices in your area. There is useful information for everyone, but it’s especially valuable for the millions of un and underinsured in this country.

Whatever your political ideas or personal feelings about healthcare reform, there can be no denying that under the current system, far too many people do not have access to adequate medical care. This is a resource that can help.

I think this is a valuable resource, so I have added Healthcare Blue Book to the Life-Cise resource page. If you pay for your own healthcare or have a high deductible, I hope you will check out this site. And please pass it along if you know someone who could use it. – There aren’t very many things worse than postponing or not getting medical treatments you need because you don’t have adequate medical coverage.


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