Staying Fit In Nantucket (or wherever you’re traveling)

Staying fit while traveling can be difficult. You don’t have as much control of your diet as you do at home, and it can be tricky fitting in some exercise.

Right now I’m up in Nantucket with my quintet, the Abaca String Band. We just played a concert for the Nantucket Arts Council. (Thanks to Arlene, Natalie, Dan, and everyone else involved for all your help & good company.) It’s my first trip to Nantucket, and I love it here! I’ve had great food (Town tonight, & a great bay scallop sandwich for lunch at Cy’s!), and am staying at the lovely Hawthorn House (run by Mitch & Diane Carl).

This is just a short trip, a few days, but we have been out on tour for many weeks at a time. It’s hard to stay fit when you’re on the road; I know. But it’s quite possible. In fact, I trained very hard a few years ago to prepare for climbing Aconcagua while I was out on tour.

A great way to keep fit is to always bring some running shoes. Run! Wherever you are, run. I got up this morning and went out for a run. I ran to the lighthouse, beach, and through neighborhoods. It was cold and windy, but it felt great!

If you’re not a runner, walk! You’ll get a little exercise and get to know where you are. Before I started running (I’m pretty new to running), I would go out and walk, rather than take a taxi or subway. It’s a terrific way to get to know a city. I’ve gotten to know many neighborhoods in Paris, Hong Kong, Prague, and other cities that I never would have known without walking. You learn a great deal about a place (for instance, there are a tremendous number of real estate offices on Nantucket – can there really be enough properties for sale to support them all?).

So, pack a good pair of running or comfortable walking shoes on your next trip. They don’t weigh that much; just put them in your suitcase. Get outside, get to know the place you’re visiting, and get some exercise.


Oh, and special thanks to Beverly Hall for her beautiful book!

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3 Responses to Staying Fit In Nantucket (or wherever you’re traveling)

  1. julie says:

    Oh, and special thanks to Beverly Hall for her beautiful book!

    I about to get on the ferry to leave. Too bad Cy’s isn’t open yet – I’d love another bay scallop sandwich! I so enjoy going to a place that still has real, regional food instead of the chains that exist everywhere.

  2. WhiteStone says:

    While on chemo in early 2009 my hubby was so good at encouraging me to walk. Energy level at its bottom. But we managed to walk, albeit slowly, two miles several times a week with achey joints and wobbly knees. LOL. It was good for me.

    I’m envious of your fresh seafood places!

  3. julie says:

    Walking is so good during chemo! Back when I was in chemo, I would always go out for a walk the next day, even if it wasn’t very far. I think just the act of choosing to move is positive.

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