Out Of The Gym and On To The Trail

It’s just too nice a day to go to the gym!

I enjoy working out at the gym, but I’d rather be outside. As a trainer, I probably shouldn’t be encouraging people not to go to the gym. But as a fitness professional, I’m much more interested in your overall health. So if you would like to go for a walk on a beautiful day rather than go to the gym, do it! Enjoy. You are much more likely to exercise if you choose an activity that you enjoy.

So today I suited up in my compression sleeve and headed out for a hike. I often wear my sleeve when I hike because I’ve learned that my body tends to puff up when I hike on hot days – and it’s suddenly close to 80 degrees here. I’ve learned that lymphedema prevention is easier than dealing with a puffy hand/arm later.

And on my hike I made a stop for some water and pushups. Water because staying hydrated is always important. Pushups because they’re such a perfect exercise. And I found a perfect spot.

I always encourage my clients, both my local Stay Fit Stay Strong clients and my Life-Cise clients, to do the things they enjoy. Do it with enthusiasm and joy. Do it with vigor. Just (to borrow a phrase) do it!


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2 Responses to Out Of The Gym and On To The Trail

  1. gillian says:

    found the link in this post to your comments on lymphedema fascinating. gonna try jiggling my arm. However,I was told by the lymphatic expert I see (I am at risk for lymphedema and do experience slight swelling at times), that raising your arm does not help unless it is at a diagonal, which is kinda difficult to maintain.. I wonder.

  2. julie says:

    Interesting. None of the lymph. specialists I’ve talked to over the years has mentioned a distinction between raising arm diagonally or straight up. But it might make sense. Straight up might create more tension at the shoulder, therefore inhibiting flow – I don’t know, just thinking out loud.
    And it’s not very practical to hold the arm up, at least not for very long. I prop it up on pillows while sleeping, or rest it on the back of a chair or the passenger seat in the car.

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