Continuing with yesterday’s theme of enjoyment…. I know that my 2 hr. hike may reduce my risk of breast cancer recurrence. I know my 2 hr. hike reduces my risk of heart disease and diabetes. And it helps me maintain a healthy weight – good for many things, including reducing my risk of lymphedema.

I know these things. But when I went out for a walk, I wasn’t thinking about those things. I was thinking it’s a beautiful day and I want to enjoy it. And this time, tired of trying to take pictures with just my cell phone, I took along the Nikon and a macro lens.

One of the many advantages of being in good shape is that I can head off to hard to get to corners of the park where delights await. Today, I found a whole treasure trove of trillium. Gillian, this is for you.



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  1. gillian says:

    Thanks Julie!! Just showed it to my friend. He did not know what a trillion was either.

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