Honor & Respect

Memorial Day – it’s gorgeous here in NY! I will be taking care of some long overdue house chores and taking a nice, long hike. I hope your day is filled with friends and family – and fun…. Oh, and of course, some exercise. It should be easy to work in a little workout today – hike, bike, garden, Frisbee, canoe. Whatever it is that you enjoy; get out and enjoy it.

But this is also Memorial Day. At some point today, please take some time to think about what this holiday is about. It’s not just about picnics and barbecues. Today is about honor and respect for those men and women who have lost their lives fighting our wars. Far from home, they have done their duty, done what they were told. Far from home, they have struggled and suffered. Far from home, they have died.

Whatever anyone thinks of any particular conflict or policy, these men and women are deserving of honor and respect.

And, to poach a phrase from my friend Wende’s Facebook page, I hope we will continue to be a country worth fighting for. That is our responsibility, and possibly the best way to honor those who have fallen.


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  1. Well said. Thanks for your pro exercise encouragement to breast cancer patients & survivors. Exercise makes such a positive difference coping w/treatment, meds like Arimidex and reducing our risk of recurrence. And thanks for reminding me to do a blog about exercise. I’ve covered it under several other topics, but want to only address the importance of getting our bodies moving.
    Brenda Coffee

  2. julie says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Brenda. For all my breast cancer readers, please visit Brenda’s site – it’s terrific!

    I may be a little obsessed about exercise for cancer survivors, but it’s because I found it to be so helpful. And more & more research is telling us that it can improve outcomes as well as making us feel a bit better.

    Thanks again, Brenda.

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