Choosing Miles Instead of Macchiatos

Today was one of those ridiculous days that people who have a regular, steady office job can rarely believe or understand. But it was the kind of day that entrepreneurs, freelancers, and people who are stitching together a living from several jobs know all too well. We cobble together jobs and meetings that often don’t fit into a neat schedule. We may not have a regular place of business to go, so our car becomes our office/dressing room/restaurant. For me, today was a 14hr. day. What was particularly frustrating was that I had large chunks of time between things, but not enough time to go home. I ended up getting out to a music job on Long Island almost 3 hours early!

What to do with that time…. I could have gone shopping. I could have spent a lot of time at Starbucks.

Instead, I drove around and found the beautiful Sand Point Preserve. Formerly the estate of Daniel & Florence Guggenheim, the Preserve sits overlooking the Long Island Sound. For a mere $5 entrance fee, I enjoyed the views and some lovely walking trails winding through woods and along the beach. I had to carry my viola with me (insurance doesn’t cover anything if it’s left in a car!), and I wasn’t really wearing the most sensible shoes. I’m sure I looked rather odd walking through the woods in my skirt with a viola on my back. I didn’t care; it was the only chance for a little exercise today or tomorrow. It may not have been perfect – I would have liked a longer, harder workout, with proper shoes – but I made a choice to take what I could get. And I was richly rewarded.

It was just a choice. I chose to walk for a couple of miles in the wrong clothes because I could.

A healthier lifestyle is simply a matter of choice. We have opportunities every day to make better choices. We may not have the perfect choice, but we always have a better choice. Make that better choice today (and I hope you find something delightful like I did).


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2 Responses to Choosing Miles Instead of Macchiatos

  1. Lauren says:

    I can relate to that crazy schedule. Yesterday I left my house for work at 5:30 never made it back until nearly midnight. During the gaps on days like those its tempting to just be lazy and hope that you’ll be able to save up enough energy to make it through the rest of the day but somehow it never leaves you feeling refreshed. Your choice of miles sounds like a great alternative, even with the wrong shoes. I might have to copy your idea next time I am faced with a similar situation.

  2. julie says:

    Ooh, 5:30… I guess I can’t really complain – I didn’t have to leave until 7!

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