Total Non-Sequitur Post: BEAR!

This has nothing to do with fitness, except I had just come back from a 4-mile run yesterday (in which my feet felt like they were made of lead – maybe today will be better). I was sitting outside, cooling down, stretching, drinking water, and about to head down to my garden to pick some vegs. for dinner. While running, I had been thinking about the beautiful collards that are ready – yum!

Just as I was ready to walk down to fetch my dinner, I heard noise in the trees. I looked up and saw a black bear sauntering down the hill toward my vegetable patch….I decided to wait. I’m glad I wasn’t a little later coming back from my run or he wasn’t a little earlier. I have run into a bear while hiking in the woods by my house, and while it’s thrilling (and scary), I think face-to-face encounters with bears are good to avoid.

I’ll have the collards today.


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2 Responses to Total Non-Sequitur Post: BEAR!

  1. WhiteStone says:

    Collards are not a usual dish around here…wondering how you cook them?

    Bear! Whoaaa!

  2. julie says:

    I usually saute them with onion. And being a HUGE fan of bacon, I often toss some in – everything is better with bacon. Yum!

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