No Wind for Windsurfing?

After a week of great wind (and cold rain), the wind has finally died down here in Old Mission. I’ve been windsurfing every day; it’s been great! But now the sun has come out and the wind settled, so I get a break from windsurfing.

My workout will change for a couple of days. I went for an 8 mile run yesterday. Today, I had a good long swim, and will go for a long walk in the Preserve.

Since this is the only time of year I get to windsurf, I’m sorry to see the wind die down. I hate missing a day of windsurfing while I’m here. But it is good to work my muscles in a different way for a few days.

Our muscles get stronger by being stressed. To continue getting stronger, or even maintain our level, we need to continue stressing our muscles. We can do that by increasing how hard we’re working – adding more weight, or running faster or longer. Or we can stress our muscles by using them in different ways.

Changing up our workout keeps our muscles working hard, and also helps keep us from getting bored. If we do the same workout every day, it’s easy to lose interest.

But changing our workout should be done in an organized way. That’s where a good trainer can help. A good trainer will help you develop a program that will continue to challenge you over time – body and mind. Even with my Life-Cise clients who just want a single workout, I try to give them a plan for developing their workouts as they gain strength.

Once you have a good overall plan, you can adjust your workouts as circumstances change. No wind, snowing, too hot outside? No problem. There’s always a way to work in effective exercise.


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