Welcome to 2011

Welcome to 2011. My wish, as always, is for a very happy and healthy new year for us all!

It’s a new year, another new beginning. In this new beginning, I encourage you to do more to take control of the things you can, and relinquish control of the things that you can’t (that’s the hard part for many of us).  There is so much in life that we really have no control over, yet we often spend a great deal of time and energy in a desperate attempt to exert our authority over those things. And in doing so, we ignore things that are within our actual sphere of influence.

Certainly, it can be difficult to recognize the difference sometimes. And it may be more difficult to admit to having no control. Any of us who have had cancer understand that feeling of helplessness that comes with admitting we don’t have control of what our bodies are doing, for instance.

So take control of what you can this year. Or maybe “this year” is too big – how about starting with Take control of what you can today.

Exercise is definitely one of the areas in life that you do have control over. You do have the choice to make your life and body better. You may not be able to fix everything (no, exercise really can’t fix it all), but you can make things better.

Instead of simply complaining that your back hurts, you can do some stretches and work on strengthening. If you’ve just finished chemo or rads, you probably feel pretty much exhausted. But you can start the process of feeling better, getting stronger. If you are in the middle of treatment or just starting, you can take control and limit how much strength you lose. You can regain the strength to play with your kids or clean your house. You can feel more empowered, happier, stronger. You just have to take control – and action.

You do have control – use it! It’s not going to be perfect – going for a walk is not going to erase all the effects of chemotherapy – but it will be a little better. And a little is always better than none.

In this new year, take control of what you can – with your body, your mind, and your spirit. And then let go of the rest. (This is as much a reminder to myself as it is an exhortation to you.)


(and thanks to NASA for these super-cool pictures to remind us all – especially me – that there’s a whole lot out there that is so far beyond our control)

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  1. nancyspoint says:

    Julie, Such a perfect message here to start the year off with, one I always need to be reminded of. I do want to control the parts of my life that I can, like diet and exercise. I can’t control so much, but bits and pieces, I can. Or I can at least try to!

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