Other Ideas For Staying In Shape

Stairs are not my only option for exercise on this vacation. We’ve been bicycling. This seemed like a good way to get around – once we got used to traffic. Riding through highway traffic at night took a little getting used to. Really it wasn’t that bad once I got my courage up and just headed into the flow. Figuring out how to dodge motorbikes, tuk-tuks, food carts, and cars to make a left turn was a bit trickier. But probably the hardest thing was knowing witch side to take when faced with a motorbike or tuk-tuk coming at me on the wrong side of the road – do I take the outside or inside?

It was well worth it, though! Biking around the Angkor temples was magical.

It was also hot. So I really enjoyed my other form of exercise – swimming. My hotel had a lovely pool which I used every day. After sweating all day in upper-90 humid weather, it was great to come back and swim.

There was also some wading through rice paddies and tromping through forests in search of birds on a couple of birding trips.

I have no problem taking a little time off from training, but I’ve gotten used to choosing active, healthier choices for my life whenever possible. It’s just become habit. If I have a choice between riding in a taxi or biking or walking, I’ll make the active choice. It might not get me ready for a race, but it can help keep me healthy.

And if I run out of other things, there are always more stairs.


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  1. gillian says:

    all looks fascinating. enjoy. just been travelling myself and arrived home yesterday and still too exhausted to write about it all, maybe because been working working working to catch up.

  2. On my way home now; dreading that catch up. Hope your trip was good. I look forward to reading about it – a trip I’ve always wanted to do.

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