Week 2: Ski Season!

Week 2 of the new year was pretty all right. Big news of my fitness week: ski season! Tuesday was the first day of Windham Mountain’s 50+ Program. I took part in the program last year for the first time. Along with a weekday pass, it’s 8 weeks of group lessons every Tuesday for people over age 50 (that’s me). There are small groups with lots of terrific instructors. I met up with the same instructor and a few of the same guys. We spent the day working on fundamentals – really good for me since it was my first time out this season on downhill skis. Plus, several people left early, so for the afternoon there were just 2 of us. An excellent start to ski season.

I confess that the next day I felt my leg muscles just a bit (a far cry from several years ago when I went to Utah and skied 13 hard days in a row and my legs felt fine – I was in REALLY good shape back then). But this was fine, not really sore, just knew I had used them in a different way. Therefore, the next day I just went for a nice walk and did a little stretching. Then came our torrential rain, washing away all the snow at my house. I stayed in and worked on strength – focusing mostly on core and shoulders. Friday was some yoga and a lot of hauling wood. (I definitely consider hauling wood a strength workout!) And yesterday I ran.

I love cold weather running. I have to keep my mouth covered because the cold air causes me to cough. And it was cold again. We hit 60 degrees on Thursday, then Saturday morning, the temp dropped 15 degrees while I was drinking coffee and reading. But it felt great to get out in it. My body has always felt better running in the cold than hot weather. Although, I could have used warmer socks. Next time.

Then came today. I was curled up with a book, and was so tempted to stay there, perhaps even close my eyes and take a little nap in the sunshine…with my little voice in my head saying it was fine to skip a hike today, I had already carried wood in the house, surely that was enough for today.

Damn that little voice! I did not listen to her (well, not for very long). I was committed to writing this blog, and I was not going to bail on that after just one week! So I got up, got out of my reindeer jammies, and went for a hike, much more bundled up than for running the day before.


I had a plan for a nice 3-4 mile hike, up to a ridge with a nice view. But when I got to the creek, I couldn’t cross. Our deluge, followed by a drop back down to single digit temps meant that all the creeks are full, and all the rocks are sporting a thick coat of ice.




Change of plans. Since I couldn’t get across creeks in either direction, I just hiked up and down the creek bed, taking pictures of ice. It wasn’t the cardio workout I had planned, but it was beautiful. And along the way, I did stop for some step-ups and planks, using boulders and tree stumps.








All in all, a good week. More days exercising than not. Some running, some hiking, some yoga, some strength. Some skiing – yay!! And some cool things to look at outdoors.



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