I am not a fan of New Year’s resolutions. I do like resolutions, just not because of numbers on a calendar. But at this year’s passing, I find myself with a resolution which coincides with the turn of the calendar.

I’m going to get back in shape!

Yup, that’s it. That’s me. Seriously needing to get back into a regular, sustained level of fitness.

How did I get here? I’m an athlete (OK, a musician who’s also a trainer and also very athletic). I climb mountains. I run for days. I’m in shape.

I was in shape.

I used to worry – and sometimes contended with some angry or snarky emails – that when I wrote about fitness for cancer survivors (or anyone), that people would discount what I said because I wasn’t like them: ordinary, struggling to make time, struggling for motivation, struggling. Well, here I am, out of shape, struggling to find time and motivation, at least 10-15 lbs. more than I’d like. I’m just like everyone who ever said to me, “Yeah, well that’s easy forĀ you to say.”

A couple of persistent injuries, wanting to spend more time with family, writing projects taking up a LOT of my time and energy….it’s all added up to a couple years of dwindling fitness. Yes, I’ve had fits and starts of getting back to it, but I haven’t been consistent. But it’s time for a change. Actually, it’s been time for a change for a while – I knew that, but wasn’t yet ready to really commit to change. It’s time.

But I need some help. I need some accountability. It’s too easy to say, I’m starting fresh this week, and then get engrossed in writing and sit at my desk all week. So, I’m going to use this blog for accountability. Each week, I’m going to post about what I’ve accomplished. Not a big, detailed accounting – no one’s interested in that – just a little update on my progress. I’m starting off slow – don’t want to irritate any old injuries, don’t want to hurt myself. But I will build consistency back into my life, make fitness a regular part of life, rather than something outside that I need to squeeze in. There’s no guarantee of success. But I hope by being accountable, I have a better chance.

So I’ll start with this past week (plus a couple days).

My parents and uncle were at my house for Christmas, so a lot of my time was focused on them. But I did get in a couple 2-mile days of walking with them: walking around the city and museums, and a nice 2-mile hike with my dad (slower than I usually walk, but speed didn’t matter, it was covering ground with Dad that mattered). Since they left, I’ve gotten in 3 days of fantastic winter – cold, cold, cold – hikes, each 2-3 miles. Tomorrow, I’ll do some squats and planks, and then I have to work all day/night. So, for the last week+ of 2017, I walked around 14 miles, carried wood 4 days (wood stove), and climbed the equivalent of about 100 flights of stairs.

That doesn’t seem like much for someone who ran ultramarathons and summited 3 of the 7 Summits. But right now, my body is not that body, the one that thought nothing of running a 30-mile trail race one weekend and a marathon the next, or climbing Mt. Elbrus followed by running an 18-mile mountain race at the base of Elbrus a few days later. For me, right now, this was a decent week – not hard, not fast, but consistent.

This is what I will build on. I am resolute.

See you in the new year!



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