Holiday Weekend

I just got back from teaching. As I was driving the hills of the last two miles to my house, I came upon someone walking. It’s relatively rare to see anyone running or walking (except me) because it’s all hills and there are no sidewalks or shoulders.

But as crested one of the last hills, there was an old man walking. He was old. He was pretty massively overweight. And he was walking. He wasn’t walking fast, in fact, he was barely moving – he wasn’t even moving quickly as an “amble,” or “leisurely.” But he was walking!

He just kept putting one foot in front of the other. And that’s the point.

It can’t be easy for him. His joints must ache from all that extra weight. It’s a very steep hill. And there’s traffic. And it’s a holiday weekend, so surely there are other things to do.

But there he was. He’s clearly made a decision toward being healthier. No matter how long he keeps his commitment up, for today, he made a choice to turn toward health. It took commitment to put off holiday/weekend activities. It took commitment to get up that hill – no matter the pace. It took a commitment to make one healthier choice today.

On this holiday weekend, I’ll be digging in the dirt. Today I’m planting a few more vegetables. Yesterday, I did battle mightily with the wisteria which are trying to eat the whole world. And later, I’ll go out for a run. And then I’ll eat some of the lettuces which are just starting to come in down in my garden. Nothing monumental, nothing life-changing. Just small choices, small actions toward something better/healthier (or at least not making things worse), for me, and for the world around me.

Cheers to the old man walking. Cheers to you – I hope you get outdoors this weekend and do something active. And thank you to all the people for whom this weekend is for. Make sure to spend at least a little time this weekend holding them in your thoughts. Peace.


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