I did not go for a run yesterday. Instead, I decided to beat the heat by spending the hot afternoon hours at the Met Museum. Interestingly, when I looked at my little activity app on my phone, I discovered I had walked about 3 miles. (That’s partly because I hate to pay for parking, so I found street parking several blocks away. And because, well, the Met is a BIG museum.)

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Much of the country is under a massive heat dome, as they’re calling it. What that means is it’s hot. Really hot. And humid.

I always prefer to exercise outdoors if I can, and I exercise in pretty much any weather: frigid temps, snow, rain, wind. But I have more trouble with heat and humidity. So I’m a little more cautious in weather like this.

But everyone should be. It doesn’t mean don’t exercise. It just means be cautious. Consider changing activities to something indoors: get on a treadmill or stationary bike in an air-conditioned gym or house, swim, walk somewhere cool. If you do exercise outdoors, make the necessary adjustments. Carry plenty of water with you, stay in the shade as much as possible, go out in the early morning before it’s too hot. Slow down – your body has to work much harder in the heat, so slow down. Or go to a museum.

And remember, for health benefits, it’s the total amount of activity that counts, not just exercise done in one shot.

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A lot of my Met visit was spent in the excellent exhibit on the art the Seljuqs, 11th to 13th century Iran. It closes this weekend, but if you’re in NY, go see it.


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