Tracks, Holes, and Buffalo – Walking In The Serengeti

My safari (through Wayo Africa), includes a couple of days in a remote camp in the Serengeti. The big crowds, both of animals and tourists, were left behind. The great migration of zebra and wildebeests is currently further south in the short grasses. It was a wonder to see them, but this place has other joys. We have fewer big animals here in the long grasses, but we have birds, open spaces, hyenas calling in the night, and walking.

We spend a few hours out walking in the morning. During the heat of the day we rest at our tents. And then back out for an evening walk to watch the sunset from one of the kopjies (big rocks, pronounced “copies”).

Besides the 3 of us tourists, we have some extra guides who are out here for a guide training course with an expert from South Africa. I was thrilled this morning when they invited me to tag along. We didn’t cover a great distance, but we did cover a lot. We stopped frequently to look at tracks, birds, holes, dung, spiders, and rocks.

Big excitement came when we heard a buffalo snort. We continued cautiously. I did what Jean, Sean, and the other guides told me to do – I walked or stood where they told me to. Our buffalo was eventually found in a cave they like. He was encouraged to move elsewhere and we were able to safely explore the cave.

It was so much fun for me to explore this land in such minute detail with these guys. I’m really grateful to them for letting me tag along.

BTW, if you’re ever in Tanzania, I highly recommend Wayo Africa for safari. They care to be good stewards of the land, and make sure their guides are knowledgable and very well trained.


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