Hello, I’ve missed you

First, I want to say thank you to the many people who reached out to me after the last Life-Cise newsletter. I stepped away from the computer (mostly) for a little while – no newsletters, no blog posts, no Daily Tips. I needed to help my parents move, work on my own projects, and just regroup. Part of that was the weird feeling of churning out material and never really knowing if it matters to anyone – hello, is anybody out there?? So it was very gratifying to when many of you responded to the newsletter explaining my absence with a big “Welcome back, we’ve missed you.”  Thank you!

I did have a little glitch in sending out Daily Tips last week because I was camping and had zero cell service. Of course, that’s not a terrible thing – getting offline is actually a good thing. And the hiking was fantastic!


I met up with a friend in the Adirondacks, which are like home to my soul. The fiIMG_2824rst afternoon’s walk, after we got our camp set up, brought us upon fairly fresh moose tracks. Since moose are not to be trifled with, we kept a close eye out. But it was good to see signs of the animals. And good to get out into the woods I love and say, “hello, I’ve missed you.”

Hikes over the next couple of days were beautiful, steep, and super fun. Our last hike was more of rock scramble than hike, and reminded me I need to get back to rock climbing.







It was a great trip, but almost didn’t happen. My friend and I talked a couple of days before our trip. Neither of us were particularly enthusiastic – we both wanted to just stay home, plenty of things to do at home, a long drive for just a few days, not in great shape, foot hurting, blah, blah, blah. But we talked ourselves back into it, and were so happy we did.

It’s so easy to find reasons not to do things – hike, travel, even daily exercise. We, or rather I, often want perfect or best, and miss out on good enough. Yes, it’s a long drive for just a few days. It would be so much better to have a full week. But a few days is what we had. Because of injuries and schedules, neither of us was in as great shape as we would have liked. The trip would have no epic, 15-mile, rough hikes like we’ve done in the past. But the trip did have some beautiful hikes. It may not have been perfect, it may not have been exactly what we hoped it would be, but the trip got us out into the wilds for a little bit. And a little bit is better than none.


Nature spontaneously keeps us well. Do not resist her! ~ Henry David Thoreau



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