Most Impressive Person of the Week

OK, so obviously, I’ve been taking a little time off from my online life. I’ve been quite sporadic about posting the Life-Cise Daily Tips over the last couple of weeks, and have hardly been on FB and Twitter. I’ve been caught up in the last throes of winter: forced to drive in the middle of blizzards, various minor house emergencies – just normal life stuff here in the Northeast this winter, but it made me shy away from my computer and want to sit quietly by myself.

Please don’t misunderstand, I have had a great time this winter. I may be the only one. But this has been one of the best winters ever. I’ve been skiing in the woods, skiing at the lifts, running in the cold. I have had a blast. But even I am happy to finally see some warmer temps settle in.

I got to indulge in some real Spring skiing on Monday. Sun, temps solidly at or above freezing – a real blue-bird day. And I got a chance to see the most impressive athlete of the past week. He was an adaptive skier – skiing on one leg with two small rails on poles for his hands. I’ve seen people skiing like this before, but this was different. This guy was good! He was skiing bumps – the biggest, steepest bumps on the hill. And he was skiing them with style.

I watched him a few times, deeply impressed. I wish I could ski that well. I am very enthusiastic, but I must admit that I am a very decidedly moderate skier. This guy was great.

Part of  what impressed me so, was the mental effort his ability must have required. When he lost his leg, he may well have thought he could never ski again. He probably thought he could never do many of his former activities because he could no longer do them the same way. But then he was willing to change. To look at his body in a fresh way. To figure out what it could do now. To find a new way.

His journey could not have been an easy one. It was probably filled with a lot of small setbacks and failures. But he accepted his body where it was, figured out ways to work with what he had, and got to work.

And now here is, flying down the slopes, slithering through the bumps, on one leg, with his pant leg pinned up at the knee. The most impressive thing I’ve seen in a long time.



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