The Very Best Ever Workout!!


This was my gym this morning. We got another 4+inches of snow last night, so I wanted to get out and enjoy it before it warmed up too much and started melting. I know, everyone else wants it to melt. I suspect I am the only person in the Northeast who still is enjoying winter. So, this was my gym for a couple of hours.

I get a lot of questions about what is the best exercise, type of workout, intensity? These are often fueled by the latest headline in some fitness magazine or new app offering. We are bombarded by stories practically shouting at us that this exercise will solve whatever our problems are.

But the reality is that most of those stories have only one goal – to get you to buy/post/retweet/share the magazine/subscription/download/juice/supplement/whatever….The reality is that the best exercise is the one that you will do.

Most people, unless they’re training for something specific, or have specific issues (like regaining range of motion after surgery or injury), need to improve their overall fitness. They don’t need to be doing the same workout that a professional skier is doing to get ready for competition, or the sprints of a competitive runner, or the diet of a model who’s job is to look a very specific way. Most people just need to move more, and move more often.

My advice: stop looking for the one perfect solution; stop trying to look like someone else; think less about looking a particular way and think more about your health. And do something that you enjoy, do it often, get used to the habit of moving!


I suppose I could have a more sculpted body or look more one way or another if I worked out differently. I could spend a lot more time indoors, doing specific exercises. But I’d rather be in overall good shape, my muscles generally pretty balanced. And most of the time, I’d rather be outdoors. My favorite activities get me outdoors, very often alone. While I sometimes snap some pics or post from wherever I am, I also enjoy shutting down, enjoying my solitude. I let my mind wander as far as my feet do. It makes me happy, It brings me peace. And because I’m having fun, I try to do it more often. I am in the habit of exercising. Then, if I have something specific – like running faster or improving my technique on skis – I can work more specifically. But I start with generally being in shape because I’m in the habit of generally moving more.

So, the very best ever workout? The one you will do – and do more often.



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