No Goal, Just Fun


You know that I’m all about the goal. Long-term goals, short-term, immediate. Goals range from life-changing, to small or mundane. Goals give us a framework. Goals keep us accountable. Goals keep us striving for something better. But once in a while, it’s nice to just step back from them and enjoy ourselves.

Yesterday, I started the day at the Met Museum with a friend, viewing the new Cubist exhibit. I got home in the afternoon with time to go out for a lovely run in the woods in perfect afternoon light.

My last big goal was the Virgil Crest 100 mile ultrmarathon last month. After that, I got sick with a respiratory infection. I’ve been recovering, and taking it easy. I’ve got some races in mind, but haven’t really committed to anything yet. I am without a goal. Or rather, my goals are percolating.

So when I went out for a run yesterday, I wasn’t running a specific distance, I wasn’t running a particular time. I was just running. For fun. And it was. I stopped to take pictures. I hiked up onto an open ridge for the views. I had fun.

IMG_2471 IMG_2466



I love goals. But sometimes it’s just as good to aimlessly have fun. To play. To enjoy the good days when we have them.


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  1. Joe Granat says:

    This was great and so true!!! I love those runs that don’t have a set distance and I don’t need to train for something specific. Like you mentioned, taking pictures and just being in the moment is really a lot of fun. And, that’s all that really matters!!

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