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Holiday Weekend

I just got back from teaching. As I was driving the hills of the last two miles to my house, I came upon someone walking. It’s relatively rare to see anyone running or walking (except me) because it’s all hills … Continue reading

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No, That’s Not True, Mr. President – and Why It Matters

Last week, a New Yorker political piece by Evan Osnos included this: “Other than golf, [Trump] considers exercise misguided, arguing that a person, like a battery, is born with a finite amount of energy.” This is not the first time that … Continue reading

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The Health of Our Care – Good Luck

I find myself unable to write my usual end-of-year post. You know, the take good care, be good to yourself, and be active post. I can’t write that at the close of this year because all I can think of … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays – in Moderation

The holidays are upon us. We’re all busy running around, shopping, decorating, going to concerts and parties. Oh yes, and working.  It’s hard to keep up with everything normally; this month it can seem impossible. Which is why there are … Continue reading

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World Cancer Day – Choices

February 4 – World Cancer Day. That’s today. All over the world and the internet there are events, seminars, online discussions, panels to talk about cancer. To all of this, I humbly offer my 2 cents. Cancer. It’s big and … Continue reading

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Back To Basics – Preventing Cancer With Better Lifestyle Choices

Here we go, getting back to basics: What’s so important about exercise and other lifestyle choices? According to the American Cancer Society‘s “Cancer Facts & Figures 2012”, lifestyle choices can have a huge affect on cancer risk. Researchers reviewed existing … Continue reading

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Of Butts and Men

There was a news story from last week that may have been overlooked by many in the rush to Christmas, and I feel compelled to comment on it. It was reported that Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R. WI) told a group … Continue reading

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Great American Smokeout – It’s a choice!

Today is the American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout. The Smokeout was started 36 years ago to encourage people to stop smoking. And this is why my Life-Cise Daily Tip for today is You have the power to choose.It’s a choice. It’s not … Continue reading

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Other Ideas For Staying In Shape

Stairs are not my only option for exercise on this vacation. We’ve been bicycling. This seemed like a good way to get around – once we got used to traffic. Riding through highway traffic at night took a little getting … Continue reading

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Healthy Lifestyles at the United Nations

I was excited that this week the United Nations held a 2-day summit on non-communicable diseases (NCDs). There were high-level meetings discussing the social and economic costs of NCDs and ways to combat the issue worldwide, including healthier diets, more … Continue reading

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