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Stand Up Straight!

A few weeks ago, I was around a whole bunch of high school students and was struck by something. I think ideas of posture have changed – and not in a good way. I kept seeing young healthy girls (and … Continue reading

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More On Stretching – Pay Attention To Those Hip Flexors

In my last post I gave one example of a good stretch for the hip flexors. Today, I want to spend more time with the hips because these muscles are so often overlooked. We stretch our quads and our hamstrings, … Continue reading

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My Back Hurts – That Would Be Serratus Posterior

OK, I was out hauling in firewood this morning. I reached over and, boom, my back seized up. It wasn’t even a big piece of wood, just a little thing – so annoying! I came in laid down on the … Continue reading

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Back Injury and Exercise

Early this month, during the last few days of vacation, I hurt my back. I had been skiing for 10 days straight and feeling great. In the afternoon I was coming down through the trees in some pretty deep powder … Continue reading

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