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I’ve got a secret. It’s time to open up and tell the truth. For the past many months, I’ve been dealing with a serious shoulder injury. Without falling or doing anything that I can remember to hurt it, I ended … Continue reading

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Looking for Light

Earlier today on Twitter, I was told that, because I had breast cancer, and because my breast cancer treatments rendered me unable to have a child, I am “half of a woman” by a man who is a Trump supporter. … Continue reading

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It’s Not a Pink Ribbon!

It’s October. For months now I’ve been receiving emails alerting me to another “exciting, important event for breast cancer awareness,” which are so often just self-serving promotions, insensitive, or insulting. I’ve ignored them all. I have my own plan for … Continue reading

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Back to the Mission

I just finished writing an article on exercise and breast health (yes, I’ll post a link when it’s up), and I realized I haven’t written a post on the subject for quite a while. I think I just got tired … Continue reading

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Post-October Awareness (and a little kick in the ass)

October is over, we’re on to November. No more pink, onto lungs (yes, it’s lung cancer awareness month). Except I’m not done with breast cancer awareness. I spent yesterday having breakfast and lots of coffee with a friend in Des … Continue reading

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Breast Cancer Is Not Pink

Reluctantly, I am writing a version of the October pink post. I didn’t want to. I’m tired of talking about the stupid parade of pink crap that businesses pitch, using breast cancer as a way to generate business. I’m tired … Continue reading

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A Scarf of Fine Silk

Let it be torn, let it be broken, it is still a scarf of fine silk. ~ an Assamese proverb. I’ve been thinking about beautiful things, about fine scarves, about Angelina Jolie. How could I not? It’s impossible to escape. I … Continue reading

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Stand Up Straight!

A few weeks ago, I was around a whole bunch of high school students and was struck by something. I think ideas of posture have changed – and not in a good way. I kept seeing young healthy girls (and … Continue reading

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Snap, Back to Reality

I’ve been mulling this post over for a couple of weeks now, unsure whether or what to write. Most of you know that I’m celebrating 10 years of survivorhood this year. And most of you know I chose to celebrate … Continue reading

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Lymph Node Removal May Not Be Necessary In Some Breast Cancers

OK, this is HUGE news in breast cancer-ville! Researchers have found that for some women with early breast cancer, lymph node removal may not be necessary. Women who’s tumors were smaller than 2 inches (T1 or T2), had a lumpectomy, … Continue reading

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