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So, Did You Win?

“Did you win?” That’s a common question runners and cyclists get from non-runners and non-cyclists when we say we have a race. Of course, the vast majority of us who are racing are not, or will never be, the winners. … Continue reading

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It Begins….

Yesterday I was supposed to go rock climbing, but it rained. I felt as logy as the weather, bummed that I wasn’t climbing. The rain was good, we need it (and a little scolding here to stupid people: when it’s … Continue reading

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Motivation – Get It Where You Can

Motivation – for anything – comes from all around us, sometimes from very unexpected places. Motivation can be big, important goals; it can be something silly that we’re embarrassed to admit. A couple of days ago, my motivation for my … Continue reading

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Running For A Change – The Million Dollar Marathon

I have been extraordinarily lucky. I live in a place where I had access to great medical care, at a time when there were some exciting new research developments, and was surrounded by friends/family/caring organizations that offered wonderful support. I … Continue reading

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Most of us go through our lives without knowing how we affect others. Sure, we know that if we behave like a jerk we’ll hurt our friend’s feelings. If we scream at the flight attendant for pointing out that there … Continue reading

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BQ (not mine)

Another update on my friend Rebecca (the one shattered by a careless driver, who ran her first marathon). Turns out she didn’t just run her first marathon – she BQ’d (qualified for Boston Marathon)! And she qualified by a good … Continue reading

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Starting a Habit – Again

@JulieGoodale It’s cold out; I don’t want to go for a run! That’s what I tweeted about an hour ago – and I meant it. Since my last big race 2 months ago, I’ve been taking it easy. In that race, … Continue reading

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Imagining Perfection

Do you have an ideal image that you keep in your mind? – of your life the way you want it to be, of your perfect weight, of your perfect job? I like keeping the ideal in front of me. Even … Continue reading

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Yes, Get Out There – But Be Safe

You know that I want everyone to get out and enjoy the outdoors in whatever capacity they can. I am always in favor of getting some exercise outside – run, walk, bike, garden – whatever you enjoy. Breathe real air … Continue reading

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Surprise Yourself

I so enjoyed your comments from my last post: Yes, Gillian, just a little meshugganah (but hopefully in a good way). Everyone’s advice was good; it’s what I would have said to someone else. Don’t push too hard. Maybe start … Continue reading

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