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Static Stretching

Researchers at University of Limerick have found that static stretching is more effective at improving hamstring flexibility than dynamic stretching, involving gentle swinging. The study looked at athletes with lingering hamstring stiffness after otherwise recovering from an injury. The static … Continue reading

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Lymphedema Tips

I came in from a hike about an hour ago – getting out to enjoy this beautiful spring weather before I go to work. I’m having a bit of mild swelling in my hand since then. I do occasionally have … Continue reading

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Pauline, this post is for you…. Many of us experience tightness of various areas of our bodies from the surgeries and radiation that we undergo. We pay plenty of attention to it at first, doing our daily stretches. Of course, … Continue reading

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Shorter Radiation for Breast Cancer

In yesterday’s New York Times, Denise Grady reported on a new Canadian study that found that 3 weeks of radiation treatment to be as effective as the usual course of 5 – 7 weeks. The study followed a large group … Continue reading

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Exercise during Chemo and Radiation

I talk a lot about starting your exercise program slowly and building up your strength over time. This is a great principal, but the reality is, while you’re in chemo. or radiation, building up might not be what you can … Continue reading

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Benefits of Strength Training

When muscles work against a greater than normal resistance, they get stronger. Strength training, resistance training, and weight training are all terms for this type of exercise. As your muscles work against the resistance, over time, they adapt and become … Continue reading

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