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Core Strength Even With Limited Mobility

Core strength – great, right? It’s important for everyone, but, as I said in the last post, it’s especially good preparation if you’re facing an upcoming surgery. But what about people with limited mobility? If you are confined to bed … Continue reading

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Improving Core Strength – A Good Strategy Before Surgery

Core strength is important for everything we do. Our core, or trunk, is the link between our upper and lower bodies. It encompasses our abdominal muscles as well as our backs. A strong core can improve our stability and functionality … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Surgery

This post is for my good friend Andrew. Andrew just dodged a couple of HUGE bullets. He went in for surgery last week for pancreatic cancer. It was found early while checking for a congenital heart problem. Amazingly, it turned … Continue reading

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Benefits of Strength Training

When muscles work against a greater than normal resistance, they get stronger. Strength training, resistance training, and weight training are all terms for this type of exercise. As your muscles work against the resistance, over time, they adapt and become … Continue reading

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