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Looking for Light

Earlier today on Twitter, I was told that, because I had breast cancer, and because my breast cancer treatments rendered me unable to have a child, I am “half of a woman” by a man who is a Trump supporter. … Continue reading

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Anonymous Inspiration

Someone posted something today on one of the online running groups I’m part of. It was a picture of a very obese woman riding a bicycle, clearly outfitted for a triathlon, with a caption of something about encouragement, not negativity. … Continue reading

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View from the Back of the Pack

I was home last week to visit my dear parents. We got in some nice walks, checked in on some of the neighbors (doing well), and, oh yeah, I ran a 30 mile trail race. Central Illinois pulled out all … Continue reading

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Most of us go through our lives without knowing how we affect others. Sure, we know that if we behave like a jerk we’ll hurt our friend’s feelings. If we scream at the flight attendant for pointing out that there … Continue reading

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The Irrelevance Of Lance

Lance will be confessing to Oprah tonight. I won’t be watching. Yes, I do care. I just don’t want to watch. I’m over Lance Armstrong. I’ve had enough. I find it interesting to read the reactions from athletes and from … Continue reading

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BQ (not mine)

Another update on my friend Rebecca (the one shattered by a careless driver, who ran her first marathon). Turns out she didn’t just run her first marathon – she BQ’d (qualified for Boston Marathon)! And she qualified by a good … Continue reading

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From Wheelchair To Marathon

Just a quick update on my last post. My friend Rebecca ran a marathon last Sunday! It wasn’t the marathon she had planned, but we all know that life doesn’t always go as planned. However, in less than a year, … Continue reading

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My Hero

Today was supposed to be the NYC Marathon. As most of you know, after Sandy the Super Storm, the marathon was in doubt, was on, and then was off. The mayor really wanted it to go on. A lot of … Continue reading

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From Black To Green

A few weeks ago, actually the night before I flew to my hometown for my 100-mile race, I spent the night making escape plans – which things we would take first, how much we could load into our cars, where we … Continue reading

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Imagining Perfection

Do you have an ideal image that you keep in your mind? – of your life the way you want it to be, of your perfect weight, of your perfect job? I like keeping the ideal in front of me. Even … Continue reading

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