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Stretching Those Hip Flexors

A friend of mine was asking me about hip flexors last night. Seems like a good time to repost some stretching advice for those pesky hip flexors. (This was originally posted last August in two separate posts.)We stretch our quads … Continue reading

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To Stretch Or Not To Stretch, That Is The Question

Stretching: yes or no? The answer to that question depends on when you’re stretching. I posted new research on the News page at Life-Cise about stretching before long-distance running. Researchers at Florida State University found that stretching before running decreased … Continue reading

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More On Stretching – Pay Attention To Those Hip Flexors

In my last post I gave one example of a good stretch for the hip flexors. Today, I want to spend more time with the hips because these muscles are so often overlooked. We stretch our quads and our hamstrings, … Continue reading

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Ow!…Tight… How To Stretch

Stretching. Seems pretty simple, right? Your muscles are tight, stretch them. Well, proper stretching will help. Stretch improperly, though, and you might end up injured and in worse shape than you started. The most important rule for stretching is always stretch … Continue reading

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Static Stretching

Researchers at University of Limerick have found that static stretching is more effective at improving hamstring flexibility than dynamic stretching, involving gentle swinging. The study looked at athletes with lingering hamstring stiffness after otherwise recovering from an injury. The static … Continue reading

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Pauline, this post is for you…. Many of us experience tightness of various areas of our bodies from the surgeries and radiation that we undergo. We pay plenty of attention to it at first, doing our daily stretches. Of course, … Continue reading

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Stretching to Warm Up? – NO

Most of us remember warm-ups in gym class when we were kids. We did a lot of stretches before running on the track or playing basketball. In recent years, however, there has been a change in ideas of the best … Continue reading

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Stretching for Lymphedema

A little more on lymphedema…. From my own experience with mild lymphedema, and that of a few other people I know, stretching can be helpful. Let me stress that this is entirely anecdotal, not based on any medical studies – … Continue reading

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