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Stretching Those Hip Flexors

A friend of mine was asking me about hip flexors last night. Seems like a good time to repost some stretching advice for those pesky hip flexors. (This was originally posted last August in two separate posts.)We stretch our quads … Continue reading

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More On Stretching – Pay Attention To Those Hip Flexors

In my last post I gave one example of a good stretch for the hip flexors. Today, I want to spend more time with the hips because these muscles are so often overlooked. We stretch our quads and our hamstrings, … Continue reading

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Ow!…Tight… How To Stretch

Stretching. Seems pretty simple, right? Your muscles are tight, stretch them. Well, proper stretching will help. Stretch improperly, though, and you might end up injured and in worse shape than you started. The most important rule for stretching is always stretch … Continue reading

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