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Measuring Progress, Feeling Progress

As I wrote in my last post, fitness progress is often not steady and it’s not always obvious. It’s especially hard to see if we don’t know what we’re looking for. There are numbers we can turn to: how fast … Continue reading

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I Need Help!

I’ve been looking over some of the pictures my friend took of me running last month. The pics I posted before looked perfectly normal, but a lot of the others showed some seriously weird foot work on my part. I’m … Continue reading

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No Wind for Windsurfing?

After a week of great wind (and cold rain), the wind has finally died down here in Old Mission. I’ve been windsurfing every day; it’s been great! But now the sun has come out and the wind settled, so I … Continue reading

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Julie Goodale – Survivor Stories from Fox News

Watch the latest news video at <a href=””></a> Please check out all the great videos from breast cancer survivors on Fox News iMag. Julie

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Some Reasons for Hiring a Personal Trainer In Spite of the Recession

These days it seems like each day brings economic news that’s even worse than yesterdays’. In response I wrote a couple of days ago about some ideas for keeping fit while trimming the budget. Today I’d like to give some … Continue reading

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