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Cinnabar and Other Shades

Carrot, pumpkin, cinnabar, tomato, persimmon. For the past few weeks I’ve been reveling in shades of orange. Nearly every day, I’ve gone out into the woods to walk, to smell the slight funk of decaying leaves, to watch the animals … Continue reading

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Enjoy….true confessions

Today’s Life-Cise Daily Tip is “Enjoy yourself!” It’s a phrase I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. And it’s an idea I’ve been experimenting with in my own workouts. You know me – I’m a pretty driven, intense exerciser most of … Continue reading

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It All Depends On How You Look At It

In my continuing quest to finish a 100-mile foot race, I have been logging in some long runs. Over this past holiday weekend, I was out on the trails, ticking off the miles. Not enough, not what I had planned. … Continue reading

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Fun (and Exercise) in a New York Winter

In the spirit of fun, here’s what I’ve been doing for fun & exercise with all our snow (that’s Ron): I also tried to get some action shots. Hat-cam did not work. I also tried belt-cam and bra-cam. Both have … Continue reading

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Hop, Skip, & A Jump

I posted this video this morning on the Life-Cise Facebook page. I love the idea of using FUN to encourage people to do what’s good for them. We all know that we need to get more exercise. We all know … Continue reading

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