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Enjoy….true confessions

Today’s Life-Cise Daily Tip is “Enjoy yourself!” It’s a phrase I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. And it’s an idea I’ve been experimenting with in my own workouts. You know me – I’m a pretty driven, intense exerciser most of … Continue reading

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It Begins….

Yesterday I was supposed to go rock climbing, but it rained. I felt as logy as the weather, bummed that I wasn’t climbing. The rain was good, we need it (and a little scolding here to stupid people: when it’s … Continue reading

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Most Impressive Person of the Week

OK, so obviously, I’ve been taking a little time off from my online life. I’ve been quite sporadic about posting the Life-Cise Daily Tips over the last couple of weeks, and have hardly been on FB and Twitter. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Anonymous Inspiration

Someone posted something today on one of the online running groups I’m part of. It was a picture of a very obese woman riding a bicycle, clearly outfitted for a triathlon, with a caption of something about encouragement, not negativity. … Continue reading

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Hello, 2015!

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope your year is off to a good start. Did you make any resolutions? I didn’t. I don’t make resolutions at New Year’s Eve. It’s always seemed a completely weird, arbitrary reason to make a … Continue reading

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Just a Little More…

Today’s Life-Cise Daily Tip is “Do what you think you can, and then do just a little more.” It’s a useful tip, but I want to expand on it a little further. We often hear phrases like, Get out of … Continue reading

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Virgil Crest 100 – again

Over the weekend, I tried once again to run the Virgil Crest 100 Mile Ultramarathon. And, once again, I did not succeed. I dropped out at mile 57-ish. But this race report is not about failure. This is about fun … Continue reading

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Still Trying

This weekend I will be trying – for the third time – to complete the Virgil Crest 100 Mile race. I have tried twice, and stopped at 54 and 40 miles. But I keep trying. As I’ve been preparing, I’ve … Continue reading

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It All Depends On How You Look At It

In my continuing quest to finish a 100-mile foot race, I have been logging in some long runs. Over this past holiday weekend, I was out on the trails, ticking off the miles. Not enough, not what I had planned. … Continue reading

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What Do You Want?

Know what it is you want. With exercise, like most things in life, specifics matter. There was an interesting article in the New York Times this week about intensity of exercise. Mainly about pushing our bodies harder during exercise for … Continue reading

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