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Enjoy….true confessions

Today’s Life-Cise Daily Tip is “Enjoy yourself!” It’s a phrase I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. And it’s an idea I’ve been experimenting with in my own workouts. You know me – I’m a pretty driven, intense exerciser most of … Continue reading

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Virgil Crest 100 – again

Over the weekend, I tried once again to run the Virgil Crest 100 Mile Ultramarathon. And, once again, I did not succeed. I dropped out at mile 57-ish. But this race report is not about failure. This is about fun … Continue reading

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Lower Hudson 100K (and the things I learn while running)

Last weekend I tried to run 100K from Bear Mountain to the George Washington Bridge. I tried, I really tried. But some days, it just doesn’t happen. That doesn’t mean failure, though. This wasn’t really a race, just an informal … Continue reading

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Rest Day

Today is a rest day for me. Yesterday was a very tough (and VERY EARLY) workout. I went to one of the Triathlon Club group runs at Asphalt Green. It was 75 minutes of speed drills (at 5:45AM!). Ooph, tough … Continue reading

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Lessons from Training – The Plan and Why It’s Important

What was I thinking??!! Signing up for my first marathon – a winter trail marathon. Not only will I have to run 26 miles, but it will be in biting cold with snowy/icy trails, and treacherous stream crossings. (And as … Continue reading

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Run, Julie, Run – Marathon Dreaming

Do you have a goal? Are you working toward something? Whether it’s a grand plan or something small, do you have a challenge? I do. I’m going to run a marathon. Or, I’m going to try. I’ve just signed up … Continue reading

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Lessons from Training – Rest Days

Yesterday was a rest day. Today I will either go for a run or go to the gym on my way to rehearsal. But yesterday I rested. My 9-mile run on Monday was a lot for me, so I was … Continue reading

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Lessons from Training

I’ve been hinting on Facebook and Twitter about some big challenge I have in mind. I haven’t committed to anything, still just thinking about it. But I am thinking more seriously about it, so I’ve started training as though I … Continue reading

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