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Protect Yourself from Germs? – Get Moving!

Labor Day is over, summer has ended (even if it doesn’t feel like it here in the Northeast). Vacations are done, kids are getting back to school, and now cold and flu season approaches. With kids and adults exposed to … Continue reading

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Return Of Rest Day Kitty

I recently wrote a post about the importance of rest days. Our bodies get strong by stressing them, but then they need rest in order to adjust and recover from that stress. By stressing our muscles, we make them respond … Continue reading

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Lessons from Training – Best Laid Plans of Mice & Men

Today was my long run. I had planned on running 15 miles. (planned being the operative word) And here are the lessons I learned, most of which I think apply pretty well to cancer treatment. *Sometimes you need to adjust your … Continue reading

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While I’m up playing the Lake George Opera Festival in Saratoga, I’ve managed to get a lot of exercise (always important for me, even when I’m away from home). In the last week, I’ve gotten in a couple of good (but … Continue reading

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Early Menopause and Heart Disease

Yet another reason to exercise: researchers have found that women who go through early menopause may have more than twice the risk of heart disease. More than 2,500 women, aged 45-84 when the study began in 2000, were studied. None … Continue reading

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Cleaning For A Reason

I’d like to introduce you to a terrific service for women in cancer treatment: Cleaning for a Reason. This organization provides free professional house cleaning services to women during cancer treatment – any woman, any cancer. All you need is … Continue reading

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Chemotherapy – Poison With A Plan

I’m going to take a brief break from writing about fitness issues to vent. As reported in the NY Post and Huffington Post, Suzanne Somers has said that Patrick Swayze was poisoned by chemotherapy. She says the chemo destroyed his … Continue reading

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