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Know When To Fold ‘Em

My plan for the day was a long run of 40-50 miles. I had such a great time (OK, some of it totally sucked) on my long run last week of 54 miles. There were lots of hills, almost all … Continue reading

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Lessons from My Parents – Mom

Doing it right is more important than doing a lot. That’s today’s Life-Cise Daily Tip. (you can click this link to sign up for the Daily Tip & Newsletter.) My mom is a perfect example of this. When I see her, … Continue reading

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Lessons from My Parents – Dad

I spent most of last week visiting my parents; it was a lovely visit. My dad recently had a heart attack. He’s doing extremely well, but I was anxious to go and see for myself. As a daughter, I wanted … Continue reading

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Run, Julie, Run – 1,2,3,4…30!

1,2,3,4…30. Thirty mile long run yesterday! I admit I was feeling nervous about heading out on a 30-mile run. I’m not sure why I was feeling so nervous; I’ve been doing long runs each week in preparation for my 50-mile … Continue reading

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Measuring Progress, Feeling Progress

As I wrote in my last post, fitness progress is often not steady and it’s not always obvious. It’s especially hard to see if we don’t know what we’re looking for. There are numbers we can turn to: how fast … Continue reading

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I’ve discovered that I have made progress. It seems sudden, but I know it’s not. Progress develops over time. It can be difficult to notice the small changes that it’s made of. We tend to notice it only when the … Continue reading

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Great, you’ve started exercising again, or for the first time! What now? I’m hoping you started off pretty moderately. It’s easy in our enthusiasm for doing something positive to start off too aggressively, and end up injured or really sore … Continue reading

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