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Move to Recover

Running 50 miles in one day is tough. This week is all about recovery for me. That doesn’t mean I’m just lying around all day with my feet up. I’m doing active recovery. After the race, I iced my tired, … Continue reading

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Rest – Sometimes It’s What You Need

We all know that rest is an integral part of health. It’s as important as proper nutrition and exercise. But, as with all things, balance is important. Those of you who read this blog regularly know that I’m struggling with … Continue reading

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Return Of Rest Day Kitty

I recently wrote a post about the importance of rest days. Our bodies get strong by stressing them, but then they need rest in order to adjust and recover from that stress. By stressing our muscles, we make them respond … Continue reading

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Rest Day

Today is a rest day for me. Yesterday was a very tough (and VERY EARLY) workout. I went to one of the Triathlon Club group runs at Asphalt Green. It was 75 minutes of speed drills (at 5:45AM!). Ooph, tough … Continue reading

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