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I’ve got a secret. It’s time to open up and tell the truth. For the past many months, I’ve been dealing with a serious shoulder injury. Without falling or doing anything that I can remember to hurt it, I ended … Continue reading

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Move to Recover

Running 50 miles in one day is tough. This week is all about recovery for me. That doesn’t mean I’m just lying around all day with my feet up. I’m doing active recovery. After the race, I iced my tired, … Continue reading

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More On Stretching – Pay Attention To Those Hip Flexors

In my last post I gave one example of a good stretch for the hip flexors. Today, I want to spend more time with the hips because these muscles are so often overlooked. We stretch our quads and our hamstrings, … Continue reading

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How Exercise (Probably) Saved My Life

Today I’m turning over my blog to my friend and boss (yes, those two things can go together), Andrew Schulman. I’ve been saving this to post now at the beginning of the year. I think it’s a good, positive story … Continue reading

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The Number 2 Reason for Exercise

Poop. Yes, I’m going to write about poop, a subject most people don’t give too much thought to. When I started climbing I thought a lot about it. Mountaineering distills life to it’s most basic elements: food, water, the need … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Surgery

This post is for my good friend Andrew. Andrew just dodged a couple of HUGE bullets. He went in for surgery last week for pancreatic cancer. It was found early while checking for a congenital heart problem. Amazingly, it turned … Continue reading

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Static Stretching

Researchers at University of Limerick have found that static stretching is more effective at improving hamstring flexibility than dynamic stretching, involving gentle swinging. The study looked at athletes with lingering hamstring stiffness after otherwise recovering from an injury. The static … Continue reading

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Since the Labor Day weekend, I’ve been in Michigan, swimming and windsurfing every day. Having a chance to swim in fresh water (always better than a chlorinated pool, in my opinion) has reminded me of just how excellent water exercise … Continue reading

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