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Up In The Air

After 22-ish hours of travel – 19 of it in the air – I am home. That much air time is tough on anyone, but it can be especially problematic for those of us with or at high risk of … Continue reading

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Summertime Reminders

For all of my Northern Hemisphere friends, it’s time for a quick summer reminder. (for my readers from the lower reaches of the planet, keep these things in mind a few months from now.) Biggest tip for warm weather activities: … Continue reading

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Lymph Node Removal May Not Be Necessary In Some Breast Cancers

OK, this is HUGE news in breast cancer-ville! Researchers have found that for some women with early breast cancer, lymph node removal may not be necessary. Women who’s tumors were smaller than 2 inches (T1 or T2), had a lumpectomy, … Continue reading

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Are You Strong Enough for Life (or a blizzard)?

We here in the Northeast are still digging out from our holiday blizzard. I know we are not the only people to have ever experienced extreme weather, although you might not realize that from the news coverage. A lot of … Continue reading

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Good News for Lifting Weights!

More results from the Physical Activity & Lymphedema study were just released. This is the study which found weight lifting beneficial for breast cancer survivors who already had lymphedema. I wrote about the study an August 2009. Further study has … Continue reading

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Lymphedema Risk

Earlier this month I posted news about new lymphedema research on the Life-Cise News page. The study, presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s Breast Cancer Symposium, found that the risk for lymphedema continues years after treatment. The study … Continue reading

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Weight Training & Lymphedema (for the Pink & Plaid Warrior and everyone else)

I get questions both here and through about lifting weights and lymphedema. I try to write about it periodically because it’s so important. As someone who had a mastectomy with free TRAM reconstruction, a full axillary node dissection, 6 weeks … Continue reading

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An Ounce of Prevention – Why I Wear A Compression Sleeve

Hiking again yesterday:) I generally wear my compression sleeve when I hike, especially when it’s hot and humid. It’s just a precaution. I don’t have lymphedema, but in the past have had some episodes of swelling. After talking with my … Continue reading

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Yes, Compression Garments Can Be Fun!

Last Sunday, I volunteered all day at the Manhattan JCC for Spa Day, a relaxing and rejuvenating day for breast cancer survivors. It’s a very special day that’s all about the ladies. As women, I think we’re socialized to always … Continue reading

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Out Of The Gym and On To The Trail

It’s just too nice a day to go to the gym! I enjoy working out at the gym, but I’d rather be outside. As a trainer, I probably shouldn’t be encouraging people not to go to the gym. But as … Continue reading

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