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Looking for Light

Earlier today on Twitter, I was told that, because I had breast cancer, and because my breast cancer treatments rendered me unable to have a child, I am “half of a woman” by a man who is a Trump supporter. … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day!

In advance of Father’s Day here in the U.S., I’d like to share a few pictures from my recent vacation with my parents. We took two weeks, went to Madrid (where they first lived as a young newly-married couple), and … Continue reading

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Tracks, Holes, and Buffalo – Walking In The Serengeti

My safari (through Wayo Africa), includes a couple of days in a remote camp in the Serengeti. The big crowds, both of animals and tourists, were left behind. The great migration of zebra and wildebeests is currently further south in … Continue reading

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Encounter In The Park

I’m back in my hometown for my 30th high school reunion (can I just say, OMG – 30 years!!??). I was a bit trepidatious because I hadn’t kept in touch with anyone – would I remember anyone, would they remember … Continue reading

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No Wind for Windsurfing?

After a week of great wind (and cold rain), the wind has finally died down here in Old Mission. I’ve been windsurfing every day; it’s been great! But now the sun has come out and the wind settled, so I … Continue reading

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Choosing Miles Instead of Macchiatos

Today was one of those ridiculous days that people who have a regular, steady office job can rarely believe or understand. But it was the kind of day that entrepreneurs, freelancers, and people who are stitching together a living from … Continue reading

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Continuing with yesterday’s theme of enjoyment…. I know that my 2 hr. hike may reduce my risk of breast cancer recurrence. I know my 2 hr. hike reduces my risk of heart disease and diabetes. And it helps me maintain … Continue reading

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Taking My Own Advice

Yesterday I sent out an email update for everyone on the Life-Cise mailing list. Now, yesterday was Earth Day, so I suggested that everyone get outside and move, even if only for a few minutes. Although yesterday was quite full … Continue reading

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Staying Fit In Nantucket (or wherever you’re traveling)

Staying fit while traveling can be difficult. You don’t have as much control of your diet as you do at home, and it can be tricky fitting in some exercise. Right now I’m up in Nantucket with my quintet, the … Continue reading

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Hiking the Tongue & Thinking

As many of you know, I am currently playing the Lake George Opera Festival at Saratoga, NY. Yesterday for the Fourth of July, I went on a lovely hike with my friend Lisa (photos to follow later). We did a … Continue reading

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