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Fear & Posting

I just got this week’s workout schedule from my running coach – he’s got me down for a 40-mile OVERNIGHT run! OK, I think it’s probably time to announce my next little adventure…. In just over a month (oh my, … Continue reading

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Maybe An Apology Is Necessary (but not for everything)

I’ve been thinking a lot about the anonymous comment to my last post. Anonymous thinks I am completely insensitive to cancer patients and all they are going through by suggesting a little exercise might be good. I am troubled that … Continue reading

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In Praise Of Technology

How cool is the internet!?! OK, I realize that it’s not exactly new, so this sounds kind of silly and naive. But once in a while I still marvel at what we can do – and what we take for … Continue reading

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Life-Cise Forum

I want to introduce you all to one of the features on the new Life-Cise website: the Forum page. You can ask questions or comment on other topics. I’m hoping we’ll get some lively discussions going. It was important to me, as … Continue reading

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New Life-Cise Is Live! (yea!)

Yea – it’s finally finished. The new Life-Cise website is up. I’m pretty excited about it. It’s been a lot of work getting all of this together, but I’m happy with the results. There are a lot of new features … Continue reading

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A Little Encouragement Can Go A Long Way

I admit, I’ve been having a bit of an off week. I was upset by the death of a friend. I’ve found it hard to really focus on the final editing for the redesign of the Life-Cise website (but it … Continue reading

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No Wind for Windsurfing?

After a week of great wind (and cold rain), the wind has finally died down here in Old Mission. I’ve been windsurfing every day; it’s been great! But now the sun has come out and the wind settled, so I … Continue reading

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Why do I do it? Why should you?

What gets you going? Why do you think you should go for a walk/run/bike ride? What will make you choose a salad instead of french fries at lunch today? What is it that motivates any of us? Recent research has … Continue reading

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