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That’s Entertainment

Television is entertainment. Watching Dr Oz, or ER does not make you a doctor. (especially Dr Oz, who once was a careful, skilled doctor, but now seems completely willing to sell out truth for dollars – and lots of them – … Continue reading

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Improvement begins with an honest assessment of your current condition. If you don’t know where you are, how can you figure out how to get where you want? – today’s Life-Cise Tip. That idea applies to many things. It certainly applies to … Continue reading

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Where Should The Emphasis Be: Calories In or Calories Out?

Did you make any resolutions for New Years? Like so many others, did you resolve to lose a certain number of pounds? My paper delivery guy made a mistake a couple days ago. Instead of the New York Times, I … Continue reading

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Ideal Body Mass Index Found

A study just published in the New England Journal of Medicine, and posted on the Life-Cise News page, has found that a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 20 – 24.9 is associated with the lowest risk of death from all … Continue reading

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Misperceptions About Weight

Now that we’ve made it through the Thanksgiving weekend (for those of us in the US), and head into the holiday season, lots of people think about trying not to gain too much weight during the month. We think about … Continue reading

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Popular Weight Loss Supplements No Better Than Placebo

Weight loss is a multi-billion dollar industry. We obsess about weight. Just about everyone we know is thinking about losing a few pounds (or more). And with good reason. Most people simply think about how they look, but there are … Continue reading

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Calories In vs. Calories Out

I just finished up a photo shoot for Fitness Magazine. They’re doing a little piece on me and the fitness work I’m doing with cancer survivors in their Oct. issue – I’ll let you know. It was kind of fun, … Continue reading

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The Ups & Downs Of Hills & Pounds

Last week I wrote about running hills and the larger problem of only focusing on the goal. My experience with running hills had me thinking (and writing) about the importance of pacing. Thinking about that in relation to cancer treatment, … Continue reading

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More Exercise To Weigh Less – But How To Work In Those 60 Minutes?

Women may need more exercise to stave off weight gain as they age. A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that middle-aged women need an hour a day of moderate exercise to maintain their … Continue reading

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Burn More Calories, Turn Off The TV!

A small research trial reported in today’s New York Times, and recently published in Archives of Internal Medicine, finds that simply turning off your TV can help you burn more calories. Overweight adults who cut television viewing in half for … Continue reading

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